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To Clear An Absence

Email HHS.Attendance@rsd.edu

Call the Attendance Office at 967-6504 or 967-6136 the day of or the day following the student's absence and leave a voice mail OR send a note with the student when they return to school stating the reason for the absence.

To Check Your Student Out of School

  1. Send a note signed by you excusing your student at the time you wish them to leave school.
  2. Your student should bring the note to the office prior to 1st period.
  3. She/he will receive a purple release/dismissal slip to give to their teacher.
  4. At the specified time, the student may leave their class and meet you at your car.
  5. When the student returns from an appointment or arrives to school late, he/she must check in at the attendance office even if they return during lunch or between classes. 
This process is in place to avoid interrupting classroom lessons and ensure your student is available and not in the middle of an out of classroom activity. 
Leaving school for an appointment or going home ill without checking out with the office before leaving is considered a truancy. 

Absence/Tardy Definitions

Excused Absences
Excused absences are defined as absences due to illness or a health condition, approved pre-arranged activities, school-sponsored activities, or emergency situations
Unexcused tardies:
Sleeping in, missed bus, car trouble, ride issues, alarm failure, doing homework, studying for a test, babysitting or taking siblings to school, ice on windshield, getting in late from a school event, etc. In the event of extenuating circumstances, a schoolAdministrator will decide if the tardy is excused or not.