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Service to others....doing your best.....are themes of Veterans Day Assembly

At the Hanford High School Veterans Day Assembly today, Captain Michael Baddley, U.S. Army, spoke about service to others. He presented “Challenge Coins” to five HHS staff who were involved in saving the life of student Leighton Tomerlin last week. Leighton suffered a heart attack and collapsed during a P.E. class.

Reacting immediately by administering CPR, calling 911, and utilizing an AED to restore Leighton’s heart rhythm were….security guard Andy Ashworth, P.E. teacher Jeff Crow, assistant principal Mike Gaddis, school resource officer Jory Parish, and secretary Debra Branson. Leighton is now recovering at home and may return to school next week.



At the Richland Invite on Saturday, October 8th during their Cross Country race, a girl collapsed next to Kara Shibley.  Kara stopped and cared for the girl who had passed out and was not responding, but did have a pulse.  Kersten saw the situation and ran to get a parent of one of our runners (Mr. Taylor) and then got back into the race.  Kara stayed with the girl until she was assured things were ok and then started running again.  Both of these girls exemplified what we want in our young people.  They noticed a situation where help was needed and responded.  So often, we may see a situation but assume someone else will respond – and no one does. – Coach Sean Mars

Students honored for commitment to school

At Tuesday night's Richland School Board meeting, Hanford High School principal Tory Christensen recognized students Gabe Grenz, Makayla RattyDaunte Blackwell,and Briana Martinez for their improved efforts and decision making. “These students are committed to being at school every day, having a positive attitude, and staying on track academically.”

Hanford High teacher recognized for career readiness efforts

Laurie Price, Career Choices and Work Based Learning teacher at Hanford High School, has been named Teacher of the Year for Career Counseling and Employment Readiness by the Washington Association of Career and Technical Education. “Laurie is continually interacting with employers, helping them understand the value of providing job placement opportunities for special needs students,” says Claudia Cooley, CTE Director for the Richland School District. “Her efforts have resulted in life-changing opportunities for students."



$5.00 Sports Physicals offered by Trios

Please encourage your athletes to get their physicals on June 10th at Trios Care Center at Vista Field. (100% donated to student’s school sports program)

*See attached brochure for details

Senior Saturday Information


If you have signed up for LIGO or the B-Reactor as your Senior Saturday event, you will need to go on family ID to register.

You will not be able to participate if you haven't signed up
For Saturday the the 29th:   *Please note time changes*

B-Reactor- bus will leave Fran Rish stadium promptly at 8:00 and will return at 12:00 PM.   *Must be registered on Family ID

B-Reactor- *TIME CHANGE* was 1:30-4:30     new time: 1-5 PM

Bus will leave Fran Rish stadium promptly at 1:00 PM and will return at 5:00 PM.   *Must be registered on Family ID


LIGO- *TIME CHANGE* was 1:30-4:30PM    new time: 8:30-11:30AM

Bus will leave Fran Rish stadium promptly at 8:30 AM and will return at 11:30 AM.   *Must be registered on Family ID

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Crystal Apple Award recognizes HHS teacher

Laurie Price, Career Choices and Work Based Learning teacher at Hanford High School, has been named a recipient of the 2017 Tri-Cities Crystal Apple Award.The award will be presented at the Crystal Apple Awards ceremony March 9 in Pasco.

     Price has worked diligently to refine the Richland School District’s work-based learning program for students with special needs. She’s developed a strong link between the District’s Special Education Department and the Career/Technical Education Department. 

Falcon Attendance


  • Students should miss no more than 9 days each year to stay engaged, successful and on track to graduation. 
  • By 9th grade, regular and high attendance is a better predictor of graduation rates than 8th grade test scores.
  • Missing 10%, or about 18 days, of the school year can drastically affect a student’s academic success.
  • Students can be chronically absent even if they only miss a day or two every few weeks.

Hanford High is in the top 50 Best High Schools in Washington